Witnessing The Gift of Samuel

Upon falling asleep the next night, I was instantaneously transported back to the very same place where I had witnessed Samuel’s horrific beating from Seth the previous evening. Samuel and I sat together in the kitchen, just the two of us, as I apologized profusely for picking a fight with a man easily twice my size.

As he sat across from me, I was transfixed by Samuel’s aurora once again. His glow was the same as the first time I saw him. His eyes and his smile were the focal points of comfort and acceptance. He radiated a sense of unconditional friendship. Even though it was only the second time I recall being in his presence, I felt like I had known him my entire life and could go to him with any problem, any concern, and he would do whatever it took to ease my troubles.

Samuel told me that everything was ok and that I didn’t need to apologize for the previous night. Instead of voicing anger and blame towards Seth, Samuel expressed concern. He explained that Seth was just confused, misguided, and did not realize the severity of his actions. Samuel reminded me that we all from the light and we have a choice in life: to embrace the light or reject it. Samuel explained that part of embracing the light meant to forgive even when forgiveness was not requested.

Then Samuel told me he wanted to show me something. We walked outside of the home to a car unlike any that I had ever seen. It was an SUV with special modifications just for Samuel. The outside of the car was covered with armor, while the inside had buttons, dials and monitors in every direction. Inspecting the driver’s seat, I could tell that the vehicle had a manual transmission, but the clutch, brake and gas pedal were specifically altered to fit Samuel’s bowed legs. There were also several levers and bottoms that occupied the roof over Samuel’s head. It was one of the coolest things that I had ever seen.

Samuel drove as I watched in amazement at the easy in which he operated this vehicle. As we moved along the many people and buildings that we passed, the mood had shifted. Instead of discussing the heavy, spiritual points of forgiveness and embracing the light, we were now laughing and joyous. Samuel pointed out various buildings and mentioned specific people by name, all of which were great benefits to the community. He convinced me that I was exactly where I needed to be and that my stay was going to be life altering.

We turned down a dirt road that approached the front of a massive, four-story building. Samuel pushed a button above him and a garage door directly in front of us began to rise. Samuel pulled into the garage, and we got out of the car. The inside of the garage was strewn with mechanical parts and tools. Samuel was definitely a gear head. We left the garage and walked further towards the inside of this massive building, eventually finding the stairs and walked up to the top floor.

We came into a room with a large window where one could see the whole of the community below. In the middle of the room was a round, wooden table. Atop the table, in a pot at the center, was a single, yellow flower that was wilted and dying. I walked up to the window and, with my nose just inches from the glass, staired out at the wonder of the people and actively below. It was an incredible view.

I could feel Samuel’s presence behind me as I gazed out the window. His voice, soothing and reassuring, instructed me to turn around. I turned my head, and, in that instant, my soul was lifted out of my body. I could see the entire room, as if my eyesight was 360 degrees in scope. The wilted and dying floor in the center of the room began coming back to life. Its stem lifted from its drooped position and the pedals became unwrinkled, growing and emitting a bright, neon yellow.

As the flower came back to life, I knew it was Samuel causing this to happen. I could see the aura pulsating around him, joining with the essence of the flower. His eyes were closed in deep mediation. At the same time, I could hear a choir of angels singing. A thousand voices harmonized, praising the wonder of life, and rejoicing with the arrival of the rejuvenated flower.

With a startle, I was awoken and sat straight up in my bed, with the melody from the chorus on angels still echoing in my mind. The dream was so powerful, I found my laptop and began journaling, making sure to start from the previous evening’s visions experienced while I slept. I had no idea I was planting the seed for The Gift of Samuel, with many more dreams of my friend on the horizon.