Mr. Book Babe?

Mr. Book Babe?

That might have been my new nickname, had Katie not brought us all to our senses, late one night after finishing up a three-hour-long book club gathering (that I never wanted to end). It was one of the most surreal nights of my life. Imagine walking into a suburban book club named “The Book...... Read more

Samuel in love

I grew up on the second floor of a traditional Chicago, two-flat, Greystone on Burling Street, just south of Wrightwood. Two red-brick alleys ran adjacent to the north and east sides of the property, creating a t-intersection. Directly behind the apartment was Saint Clement School, where I...... Read more

David versus Goliath

When I self-published The Gift of Samuel: Grey Dawn, I had put all of my emotions, dreams, ideas, philosophies, doubts, and opinions into a three-hundred-fifty-four-page fictional story for all to see. Surely, there was nothing I could do that would be more terrifying. Then I received a text...... Read more

Just A Coincidence?

“ANGEL CAUGHT ON VIDEO SAVING MAN’S LIFE” screamed the headline of the YouTube video I watched approximately twelve years ago. I know you’ve seen the same one or something similar. A little girl crossing the street, a truck barreling down, oblivious to the life that it’s about to end, when...... Read more

Naming My Friend

As I studied for the bar exam and began my first legal job out of law school, my dreams of Samuel continued, although, they were nowhere near as intense as those first two dreams. Their intensity would eventually rise again later, but for that time period, his appearances would be limited to...... Read more