The Law of the Red Circles

I was nearly finished with the first draft of The Gift of Samuel when my wife and I decided to have dinner with my best friend from work, Jamie, and her husband, Neil. Neil is a very talented author and playwright himself, but above that he’s one of the kindest, most selfless people...... Read more

Trying to Save Samuel.

One of the more complicated dreams I had of Samuel started out with me zooming around various planets and galaxies. I would watch the formation of a star, fly through the rings of Saturn, and then sit on the precipice of a black hole, watching it devour everything around it. Eventually, I...... Read more

Thinking Outside The Box

My next dream of Samuel is a bit harder to explain. Essentially, I would live through a scenario, then, when it was over, Samuel and I would sit together and discuss the scenario before I was reinserted into that same scenario, and this would be repeated. I was in this scenario, myself, each...... Read more

Samuel in love

I grew up on the second floor of a traditional Chicago, two-flat, Greystone on Burling Street, just south of Wrightwood. Two red-brick alleys ran adjacent to the north and east sides of the property, creating a t-intersection. Directly behind the apartment was Saint Clement School, where I...... Read more

Naming My Friend

As I studied for the bar exam and began my first legal job out of law school, my dreams of Samuel continued, although, they were nowhere near as intense as those first two dreams. Their intensity would eventually rise again later, but for that time period, his appearances would be limited to...... Read more