Samuel in love

I grew up on the second floor of a traditional Chicago, two-flat, Greystone on Burling Street, just south of Wrightwood. Two red-brick alleys ran adjacent to the north and east sides of the property, creating a t-intersection. Directly behind the apartment was Saint Clement School, where I attended from first through eighth grades. Those two alleys creating that t-intersection was the center of my universe from my earliest memories (I was born in 1974) until 1988 when I graduated, and we moved to Chicago’s Norwood Park.

I dream of that apartment, St. Clement School, and that alley t-intersection often. However, no dream of that environment was as vivid as the dream I had of meeting Samuel in that t-intersection. The dream began from the second floor of that two-flat that I called home for the first fourteen years of my life.

I was up in my bedroom, getting ready for school. I was late and it was pouring rain outside. I left my room which was adjoined to the dining room, where I looked outside the soaked and blurred window to see the grey sky above. The lightning flashes and thunder roars were sporadic, but intense. Good thing I could leave through the back door that opened to the alley. In less than sixty seconds I would be at St. Clement’s front door.

I walked out of the kitchen, onto the enclosed back porch and down the back stairwell. I could feel the cold and could hear the rain drops pounding on the roof and windows. I walked past the open door on the first floor. It was the apartment of my landlady, Anna Amstedt. She was like a second grandmother to me. I could see down the length of her apartment, but she wasn’t there. She normally wouldn’t leave her back door open like that, giving me an ominous feeling.

I opened the door to the alley, pulled the waterproof hoody over my head, and stepped out into the rain. The alley was full of puddles everywhere and the sprinkles of water against my face were frigid. I shut the door behind me and made my way quickly toward Orchard Street and my school.

As I approached the intersecting alley, there were four people just standing there, waiting for me. One of them as Samuel. I could tell by his unmistakable aura and his smile. Even in the pouring rain, he emitted light. The other three were females that I didn’t recognize.

Without saying a word, Samuel began conveying information to me, telepathically. The three young women were sisters. They all seemed friendly, excited to meet me, again, without any spoken word; it was just known to me. The oldest of the sisters was strong, fearless, and a protector of the other two. The youngest seemed shy and quiet.

Samuel explained to me through my mind that he was in love with the oldest sister, and she was in love with him. They longed to be together, but it was impossible, as it was determined that she would be passing on shortly; she was going to die. The same fate was true for the middle sister. They were both going to die, together. The youngest sister, again the shiest of the three, was going to continue living in this life, for now.

There was no sadness relating to the passing of the two older sisters. It was more a feeling of regret that Samuel and the older sister would not get to have this life together. I telepathically asked them if it was possible for the older sister to live. Samuel allowed me to see that it was possible, but when both scenarios were played it, it was for the best that she “pass on” at the time and place that they had decided, which was near.

Samuel continued, informing me that once the two older sisters were gone, that the remaining sister was going to become pregnant by another man who had questionable motives. While Samuel was not the biological father, he felt a strong obligation to the child and the mother because of the great love he had for the oldest, soon-to-be-deceased sister. Therefore, Samuel vowed that he would protect that child and mother and raise the child as if he were the father.

I could feel Samuel’s dedication to the three women and to the unborn child. He was going to whatever it took to assure their safety. He was a hero in my mind. I wanted nothing more than to be like Samuel.

With that, I was awoken from my sleep and it was time to add another entry into my dream journal.