Trying to Save Samuel.

One of the more complicated dreams I had of Samuel started out with me zooming around various planets and galaxies. I would watch the formation of a star, fly through the rings of Saturn, and then sit on the precipice of a black hole, watching it devour everything around it. Eventually, I settled over a body of water with several moons in the sky. It was nighttime, and the moons were bright and full, exhibiting bright colors of white, yellow, orange and red, with the various colors reflecting off the water’s surface.

As I gazed, I understand that Samuel was one of the moons. He was the largest moon of the group in the sky. And his importance could not be understated. He, as that moon, was a symbol of unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, joy and generosity. He was a noble and strong leader and I looked to him for inspiration and support.

Next to him, also in the sky, I could see a timeline of his life, from his birth to his death. In the timeline, there were various events that took place. As I looked over these events, I noticed that his death would come at a time much too soon for his age. He was going to die in his mid to late 20s and he would not live to see or experience the gift of growing old and living a long life.

My heart sunk, and I was desperate to save him. I reasoned that if I was able to see the timeline of his life, with various junctures and events that would lead, one after the other, to his eventual death, perhaps I could change some of those events. Perhaps I could make it so that I would be able to save him and avoid his untimely passing.

Accordingly, I got work. Simply with the with the power of thought, I was able to maneuver events in his life, trying to find the right combination so that Samuel’s death at such a young age would be avoided. I rearranged the outline in the sky and would re-work it out, over and over. Each time, no matter what I did, Samuel would die at that same age and point. I don’t know how many times I did this, but it felt like hundreds, if not thousands. Despite my efforts and my burning desire to save him, his young and untimely death was inevitable.

I eventually gave up, accepting that he was going to die at that point, but still carrying a great amount of sadness, wishing that he would live longer.

Here, I would be remiss to not mention the story of Macbeth. When I awoke from the dream, I instantly thought of this work by Shakespeare. I thought of the prophecy from the witches of Macbeth’s death and the various events that would lead up to his death, and how he was sure they could not happen. Or, how we would do whatever he could to make sure that they wouldn’t happen. And yet, they happened. There was nothing anyone could have done to avoid what was meant to be.