Naming My Friend

As I studied for the bar exam and began my first legal job out of law school, my dreams of Samuel continued, although, they were nowhere near as intense as those first two dreams. Their intensity would eventually rise again later, but for that time period, his appearances would be limited to...... Read more

Witnessing The Gift of Samuel

Upon falling asleep the next night, I was instantaneously transported back to the very same place where I had witnessed Samuel’s horrific beating from Seth the previous evening. Samuel and I sat together in the kitchen, just the two of us, as I apologized profusely for picking a fight with a man...... Read more

The Client

Have you ever experienced a client breaking down in tears during a meeting? Being a civil litigation attorney who defends people being sued for personal injury, this happens to me fairly often. It’s not shocking or out of place if you think about it. My clients are ordinary people, not familiar...... Read more

The Glowing Man

The Glowing Man

I was starving and weak. As I walked down this road with one man on my left, another on my right, I was surrounded by pain and suffering. The faces were dirty and scared. All eyes were on me. These two men were taking me somewhere, but I had no idea where. I wanted to... Read more

Music and Humanity

Have you ever wondered why humanity is so intertwined with music? We’ve been beating on drum skins since the dawn of time. We turn it on when we’re down and blast it when we’re up. Perhaps that’s the answer; but could it really be that simple? We love it so much because it...... Read more