One Year Publishing Anniversary

“Do you know what your problem is, Paul?” A family member that I deeply love and respect rhetorically asked me. “You’re too honest.” Contrary to my family member’s assessment, I have not been completely forthright about why I self-published The Gift of Samuel: Grey Dawn. Given that it’s the...... Read more

Thinking Outside The Box

My next dream of Samuel is a bit harder to explain. Essentially, I would live through a scenario, then, when it was over, Samuel and I would sit together and discuss the scenario before I was reinserted into that same scenario, and this would be repeated. I was in this scenario, myself, each...... Read more

Samuel in love

I grew up on the second floor of a traditional Chicago, two-flat, Greystone on Burling Street, just south of Wrightwood. Two red-brick alleys ran adjacent to the north and east sides of the property, creating a t-intersection. Directly behind the apartment was Saint Clement School, where I...... Read more

David versus Goliath

When I self-published The Gift of Samuel: Grey Dawn, I had put all of my emotions, dreams, ideas, philosophies, doubts, and opinions into a three-hundred-fifty-four-page fictional story for all to see. Surely, there was nothing I could do that would be more terrifying. Then I received a text...... Read more

Just A Coincidence?

“ANGEL CAUGHT ON VIDEO SAVING MAN’S LIFE” screamed the headline of the YouTube video I watched approximately twelve years ago. I know you’ve seen the same one or something similar. A little girl crossing the street, a truck barreling down, oblivious to the life that it’s about to end, when...... Read more